Common Questions

How long does the Studio 64 Recovery IOP last?
Each client enters our program with a unique set of circumstances. Based on this, it is difficult to prescribe an exact length of time that each client will need to receive treatment. With that said, most IOPs run 30 to 60 days. We prefer to simply say treatment takes as long as it takes until our client has established a solid basis for recovery.
Where should I set my expectations?
As you enter our IOP, you should expect a full recovery from your addiction. We hope to counsel you into believing you deserve a better life than you have as an addict. If you enter rehab with the right mindset, you can succeed at arresting your addiction and avoiding future relapses.
What would my treatment schedule look like?
Our Studio 64 Recovery Center IOPs are flexible enough to allow us to reasonably work around your schedule. You can plan on reporting for treatment 3 to 5 days a week for at least 4 hours of treatment each day.
When would someone need an IOP?
We certainly want to offer the IOP alternative to clients who need immediate help and can't wait for bed space in our partner residential treatment facilities. Otherwise, the IOP option is suitable for anyone who cannot or will not commit to a restrictive residential treatment program. If money is a concern, IOP options are much less expensive than residential treatment.

Why Choose Studio 64?

For us, it starts with hiring only the best and most qualified addiction treatment specialists in the region. A lot of our therapists and counselors have walked the tightrope of addiction only to recover with a strong desire to help others who are facing similar struggles. We approach our responsibilities with great care and compassion because we have seen the damage drugs and alcohol can do to otherwise good people.

As for our actual treatment program, we offer a diversified menu of treatment options. That includes holistic treatment programs (meditation, art and music therapy, etc), evidence-based therapies like DBT and CBT, and traditional treatment options when appropriate. When a co-occurring disorder is evident, we also provide treatment for the psychological or mental disorder as it pertains to the addiction.

As a full-service addiction treatment facility, Studio 64 Recovery Center is closely associated with other detox programs. We want all of our clients to have ample opportunity to deal with their withdrawal symptoms in a safe environment.

At the end of the day, we know we will have done our job when clients walk out the door in recovery and never come back. That's a huge task given that recent data indicates first-time recovering addicts have a relapse rate of close to 50%. We find that unacceptable, and we strive to make sure our clients leave treatment with the ability to manage both temptation and triggers.

Develop social and vocational skills

During an IOP level of care, you will attend therapy, groups, and other courses specifically designed for the betterment of your future.

Meet supportive peers

A typical day at our IOP is a mix of unique therapies, learning good social skills, experiences to strengthen your innate talents, help finding work, and support groups of staff and peers all fighting the same battle as you.

Learn to maintain sobriety

Studio 64 Recovery's Intensive Outpatient Program allows you to maintain a more normal daily routine, while helping you go from active addiction to building a fulfilling life during your long-term recovery.
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