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We are devoted to fighting the alcoholism and addiction crisis in our community and creating long-term recovery.

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Why Choose Studio 64 Recovery Center?

When seeking addiction treatment, we understand that each addiction sufferer has choices. Our approach to treatment is to offer modern treatment options that have great appeal to clients from all walks of life.
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California's Best Sober Living

Sober living is a type of housing arrangement that provides a safe and supportive environment for people in recovery. The goal of sober living is to help people transition from rehabilitation to independent living. Our Sober Living facility offers a drug-free environment where residents can focus on their recovery and work towards rebuilding their lives while living in a luxurious and supportive environment. Our Sober Living facility is located in the sprawling hills of Sunland where you’ll experience a reprieve from the bustling city with stunning views and luxury amenities.

This program includes regular drug testing, 12-step meetings, and individual counseling. Our residents will receive further guidance through various activities to help develop life skills such as budgeting, time management, and job hunting, which are essential for long-term success in recovery.

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Develop social and vocational skills
During an IOP level of care, you will attend therapy, groups, and other courses specifically designed for the betterment of your future.
Meet supportive peers
A typical day at our IOP is a mix of therapy, learning good social skills, help to find a job, and support groups of peers all fighting the same battle you are.
Learn to maintain sobriety
Studio 64 Recovery Center's IOP programs allow you to maintain a more normal daily routine, while helping you go from active addiction to building a fulfilling life during your long-term recovery.
Change starts from within
A community striving for change

Studio 64 Recovery is devoted to fighting the alcoholism and addiction crisis in our community.

Our Mission

“It wasn't until Studio 64 started to treat the root cause of my addiction, which was stemming from PTSD I didn't even know I had."

Andrew Tarkan • 10 Years Sober
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We are a fully-licensed IOP

Studio 64 Recovery is open for services and accepting new applicants. Call us to learn more about how we are keeping our clients and staff safe during this time.
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“Couldn’t be happier with Bloom!”
James Godwin
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