How Long Do Intensive Outpatient Programs Last

If you have someone close who is struggling with mental illness or addiction, you might not know where to begin when seeking medical help.

January 30, 2023

Also, there are various rehabilitation programs and centers, and choosing one that suits your loved one might be difficult. Fortunately, Studio 64 Recovery is committed to fighting addiction for lasting recovery. We provide an incredible form of treatment, an intensive outpatient program or IOP. It aims to equip individuals with the tools and mindset required to conquer drug and substance abuse.

Most people suffering from addiction always live in denial. So are you ready to begin the treatment? Have you made up your mind to change? Some things show that an individual is prepared for treatment. For instance, financial issues like huge debts. Or, your productivity at work has declined, and you've been fired from several jobs. Above all, it’s the realization that you can live without alcohol.

How Long Does an IOP Last?

An IOP care does not have a specific time frame. This is because the cases of alcohol dependence are different. However, most of the successful programs last for at least three months. In some situations, you may undergo the treatment for a year. The sessions last for two to four hours, several days a week.

Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programs

After coming to terms with the fact that you have substance dependency and opted for IOP treatment, you enjoy numerous advantages. They include,

Its Flexible

This is probably the biggest advantage of this program. It’s difficult to abandon your family responsibilities, work or school activities to commit to a recovery program. An IOP provides the required structure and allows you to handle everyday activities. It has regulated sessions that create time for other duties.

Avoids Isolation

Other forms of treatment, like inpatient programs, provide isolation. You have to spend time at the rehab center. This can be too much for you. As a result, you'll experience difficulties when adapting to real life. With an IOP, you get an opportunity to interact with other people. This makes things easier after the treatment.

Maintains Your Privacy

Recovery from substance dependence may bring embarrassment. It's common if your peers are still into substance abuse. These moments of shame may prevent you from entering into recovery. The good news is that our experts work with the utmost professionalism that ensures privacy. This builds your confidence and makes you feel safe with the treatment.

It Is Affordable

The cost of an IOP is significantly less compared to in-house recovery. The affordability makes it realistic if you can't afford inpatient treatment. You will still have access to the necessary care and community support.

Builds a Community With Others in Recovery

Quitting substance dependence can be challenging if you are alone. It would help if you had support groups to share challenges and motivate one another. With an IOP program, you can access people with similar issues. They are a community that fully understands what you are going through. It's essential because it also contributes to the overall success of the treatment. In addition, you can still get in touch after the program to promote long-term sobriety.

You Will Remain with Friends and Family

If you have supportive friends and family, an IOP fits you. Support and encouragement from close people contribute to the success of the program.

Stages of an Intensive Outpatient Program

Our professionals follow these steps to ensure a successful session


This is the introductory phase, where the clinical therapist gets to know you personally. At this stage, you complete a self-assessment on your journey of substance dependence. You also include your long-term plans and the expected outcome of the treatment.


In this step, the specialist uses evidence-based therapies. This helps them discover the underlying causes of substance dependence. In addition, they also work through the issues that are keeping you stuck in alcohol abuse.


It's the last phase and includes an overview of how your family should be involved to ensure sobriety. Moreover, it involves strategies that will help you prevent relapse. In the final week, you have been equipped with a stress management program and how to continue with long-term care.


They are,

How Is an IOP Different From An Inpatient One?

The main difference is that an IOP does not require you to be in the facility for the duration of the treatment. You only schedule sessions during the day or evening after work and go home afterward. For inpatient care, you must live in the facility for the duration of the program. It is vital if you have an unsupportive home environment or severe mental health problems.

What Therapies are Involved With An IOP?

The forms of therapy include groups, where you are counseled by other members with similar issues. This helps you connect to peers during recovery. You can also undergo individual sessions. They allow you to find the meaning of life through self-discovery. Moreover, family therapy teaches you how to maintain healthy relationships.

How Much Does an IOP Cost?

In our recovery center, the charges vary but areThey differ depending on the length of the treatment. The good news is that our prices are reasonable and will not break the bank.

What Makes a Good IOP Program?

A good IOP care program takes into consideration your individual needs. That’s why at Studio 64 Recovery, we strive to understand what is required according to your situation. We do all this to attain successful recovery. Also, a good program is conducted by certified coaches.

Why Do People Go For IOP Care?

Several reasons may prompt you to go for an IOP treatment. For instance, you will want a less intense treatment. Or, maybe you want a program that doesn't take much time. You still need to work and be with your family. Also, you might need an affordable program. As mentioned, IOP is less costly.

Is Detox Included in IOP Treatment

In most cases, detoxification is not included in the treatment. If you require detoxification, enroll for an in-house treatment before the IOP care.If you are looking for an incredible facility that offers IOP treatment, Studio 64 Recovery is there to help you. Give us a call today to get started.

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