How and Why Music Can Be Therapeutic

Listening to music can be a great way to improve your moods, but the benefits run much deeper.

November 8, 2022

Music also has a magical effect on your energy levels and your body. Medics apply music therapy, which refers to the medical usage of music in promoting wellness of the mind and body. If you are struggling with substance abuse, it can also help with your recovery process.

Music therapy continues to play a role in the treatment of multiple diseases. Doctors are beginning to use music in hospitals to calm patients down and help manage their pain. It also helps in reducing the symptoms of depression, relieving muscle tension, and improving movement. Some of the therapeutic effects that music brings about include:

An Improved State Of Mind

Music is an extremely powerful tool for inducing a positive state of mind, thereby helping in the prevention of anxiety and depression. The uplifting nature of sweet melodious music and the freeing or relatable messages that you find in the song lyrics can all lead you to a new and better mental state. Being in the new mental state can help ward off the stress response from causing issues to your body and help maintain higher levels of creativity and an optimistic attitude.

Regulating Your Heart And Breathing Rate

Changes in brainwaves cause changes in the functioning of other body parts. Music can affect those body functions that the autonomic nervous system governs, such as your heart rate and breathing rate. Some of the alterations in the brainwaves could include a slower heart rate, slowed or straining breathing patterns, and the activation of the relaxation response, which counters the fight-or-flight response. Music therapy can help you prevent or reduce the negative effects of chronic stress.

Brain Waves

Researchers have found that songs with strong beats stimulate brainwaves to palpitate in sync with the beat. Research has shown that faster beats promote stronger concentration and help you become more alert and sound in your thinking. It causes slower tempos leaving you in a meditative and calm state. Furthermore, studies have shown that the change in the levels of brainwave activity that music brings can also allow your brain to change speeds more easily when you need it without putting in the effort. Music can provide long-term benefits to your mental state even after you stop listening.

Fighting Illnesses

Researchers and health specialists have found that music helps bring down your blood pressure. It also boosts your immunity, relieves tension in your muscles, and reduces your chances of getting a stroke and other health issues with time. With the numerous benefits and profound physical effects that music and music therapy causes, it comes as no surprise that many people regard music as an important tool for helping their bodies become or stay healthy.

How To Use Music To Improve Your Health

As music therapy is a vital discipline that health specialists are incorporating into medicine, you can also benefit from music on your own. You most likely have been utilizing the benefits of music since you were young without knowing its benefits. It is important to keep assimilating it into your day-to-day life to get its complete benefits.

You can use music in your everyday life to keep calm, free your mind when you are feeling stressed or anxious, and gather the energy you need whenever you feel drained. You most likely have experienced the first-hand benefits of music when trying to get the motivation to work out, going back in time to your favorite memories, and alleviating stress.
Other benefits include:

  • Enhancing memory
  • Better social and communication skills
  • Better coping skills in difficult situations
  • Helping in self-reflection
  • Tackling mental illnesses.

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