Discover the Benefits of our IOP

The Benefits at Studio 64

While we have already touched on many of the benefits associated with the IOP process at Studio 64 Recovery, we would like to summarize the benefits with the following list:

  • Client is able to maintain their home life and manage their personal responsibilities
  • The IOP option is more affordable than residential treatment
  • We can easily tailor our IOP options to the needs of each client
  • Therapy is very focused with little downtime

Studio 64 exists because we believe some clients need a less clinical setting and a more tailored path to recovery, something more reasonable than the restrictiveness of residential treatment. Anyone who might be interested in our new approach to addiction treatment is welcome to give us a call and ask for more information.

Develop social and vocational skills

During an IOP level of care, you will attend therapy, groups, and other courses specifically designed for the betterment of your future.

Meet supportive peers

A typical day at our IOP is a mix of unique therapies, learning good social skills, experiences to strengthen your innate talents, help finding work, and support groups of staff and peers all fighting the same battle as you.

Learn to maintain sobriety

Studio 64 Recovery's Intensive Outpatient Program allows you to maintain a more normal daily routine, while helping you go from active addiction to building a fulfilling life during your long-term recovery.
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